Bringing utility scale

solar to New Zealand

New Zealand Solar Farm Picture


Building the renewable future of New Zealand

Far North is pioneering the future of large scale utility solar across the country

High-value, income-producing utility with a solid 25-year timeline

With the first solar development set to commence operation in the Far North, we now intend building solar farms across New Zealand

Investment Highlights

Delivering electricity security for regional areas sustainably and profitably

NZ’s first scale solar farm operation

Whilst small scale in NZ with typically residential or localised industrial installations, solar PV accounts for over 500GW of capacity worldwide

Identified market opportunity

Far North has moved swiftly from identifying an initial site in Northland to establishing a substantial portfolio of sites with construction of the initial sites now imminent

Internationally proven technology

FNSF will use internationally recognised technology partners to deliver a best in breed package, meaning performance and reliability

Sites secured

FNSF has secured access to over 10 sites in areas where electricity prices, solar irradiation and existing generation allow for strong returns

Significant environmental and community benefits

Increased security of electricity supply from a renewable, green source benefits local communities, New Zealand, and the wider world

Experienced and diverse management team

Management have significant experience in the NZ electricity market as well as in solar generation

Funding Partnership Secured.

FNSF has partnered with Aquila Capital to build Solar Farms across New Zealand

Significant growth opportunities

Far North has already secured a substantial portion of New Zealand’s solar capacity with a 1GW+ portfolio under development

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